Citrine SDK Android 1.1.7 & iOS 1.1.7 release.
14 Jan, 2015
New version of Citrine SDK is released.
▶ What is SPI(Software Process Improvement)?
The large and growing body of software development organizations implement process methodologies. Many of them are in the defense industry, which in the U.S. requires a rating based on 'process models' to obtain contracts.

The international standard for describing the method of selecting, implementing and monitoring the life cycle for software is ISO 12207.
A decades-long goal has been to find repeatable, predictable processes that improve productivity and quality. Some try to systematize or formalize the seemingly unruly task of writing software. Others apply project management techniques to writing software. Without project management, software projects can easily be delivered late or over budget. With large numbers of software projects not meeting their expectations in terms of functionality, cost, or delivery schedule, effective project management appears to be lacking.
Organizations may create a Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG), which is the focal point for process improvement. Composed of line practitioners who have varied skills, the group is at the center of the collaborative effort of everyone in the organization who is involved with software engineering process improvement.
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▶ About MoSPI (Mobile Software Process Improvement)
It is an acronym for Mobile Software Process Improvement, which means all efforts and utilization to enhance execution ability by improving conventional mobile processes.
● Vision of MoSPI
Enhancing quality of project outcomes
Enhancing quality of project outcomes by improving systematized processes from planning to verification.
Increasing overall project efficiency
Shortening time for development and saving cost by improving processes effectively compared to existing processes.
Creating MoSPI Eco System
Enhancing convenience for executing projects by forming an eco system such as component market for project members.
● Feature of MoSPI
Drawing up project improvement measurement from planning to evaluation
- Research on plan for overall process improvement from plan that is project start to verification that is project ending.
- Proposing organic processes between parts by improving each process.
Changing minds for development and proposing specialized roles
- Suggesting change of minds of developers from conventional SI aspects into service minds.
- Enhancing expertise of developers by sharing roles between component developers and SD (Software designer).
※ SD(Software Designer) : job for matching functions developed by components with necessary functions and developing applications.